Morning Love ! 

'enjoy every 

given moment '

What is your daily routine?

 As soon as I wake up in the morning, I stretch and have a cup of latte. 

 A cup of coffee in the morning wakes me up. 

The sunlight and fresh wind made me happy this morning for no reason. 

 I normally handle tasks before lunch, and I paint in the afternoon.

 The happiest moment is when I paint. 

 The moment I draw or paint, I can forget all my miscellaneous thoughts and focus on myself. 

 What about you? What makes you happiest?  

 Make your own routine and make every day the best!

I usually paint people and flowers. It's so interesting that people all look different.

 I don't know much about flowers, but it's fun to express them like flowers.  

I also love to leave brush touch, because I can see how I moved my brush. 

 Of course, I cannot complete a perfect painting every day. However, when I finish a perfect picture, I am happier than in any other situation. 

 My goal is to have fun and be happy in a given situation. 

 Traveling was my source of inspiration before, but these days I'm trying to get a lot of inspiration from deep inside of myself.

                                                                          Hair : @ish19__

                                                                                Make up : @solggu

                                                                                   Model : @keemzee.o

                                                                                                         Photo : @yyhadtb , @eesookee 

A pillow? 

Since I begin to design pillow cases, I bought a lot of pillows, but I still couldn’t find a favorite one. 

Sat on the computer all day long made my shoulders and necks very bad. 

Sleeping position is very important ; I sleep while moving around on the bed. 

It’s amazing to see a person who sleeps quietly.

Maybe it's because I had a lot of dreams.

 I always have at least one dream a day. Someone said it's not good to dream a lot. 

There also was a saying, "Is your dream color or black and white?" I usually dream in color.

 I used to write down what I dreamed in my notebook when I was in high school, it would have been fun if I had continued until now.

 It is difficult to record my dream every day due to my personality that I can't keep writing a diary.

Morning Love


After painting, when I look at my clothes, there’s always something on my clothes. 

Regular aprons was too big and heavy. It was uncomfortable.

 I needed just a small apron to cover the front. 

It would be perfect to wear when you make small dishes or do nail art. 

You should try this too! The very small micro apron! 

If you are an Artist, you might need a 'Rara' <3 

Morning Love ! 'enjoy every given moment '

                                                                  Love Love Love ! 

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